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My name is Bori Gheorghita, and I am the owner and maker of Woods of wonder. This little shop was created in 2017. At first I made tiny things just as gifts for my friends and family, than after a few years and with your support, it grew out to be a small business. Inspired by woodland landscapes, flora, fauna and all the magnificent creatures that dwell within. With time, each piece became a tribute to the intricate wonders of our natural world.

Today, this small business stands as a testament to the beauty of nature. It serves as a reminder that even in a bustling modern world, we can reconnect with the magic of the wilderness, one handmade creation at a time.

A little bit about me:  I was born in Hungary, but I have huge love for travelling, so I move around Europe from time to time (Scotland, France etc.). As the maker and creator of Woods of wonder, I make everything from sculpting to painting, from photography to packing your orders, editing this website and managing social media. 

I studied as a sculptor at Glasgow School of Art and sculptor-restoration at the Hungarian University of fine arts. Even at uni, I always tried to work with natural materials, (like clay, stone, wood etc.) and the biggest inspiration for my work was always deeply rooted in nature.
This passion for nature, animals, and whimsy reflects back from each piece that I make.

I hope that my work reaches out to other nature enthusiasts, animal lovers, and those seeking to bring the touch of the wild to their lives.


 Guided by love for animals and a deep connection to the wilderness, the philosophy of my little shop is rooted in bringing the wonders of the natural world closer to you.

I take pride in my commitment to sustainability and responsible craftsmanship. 
All the wooden pins, key-chains and necklaces are made from eco-friendly, responsibly sourced, fast growing maple veneer. Each wooden creation is a small piece of nature, crafted with love and imbued with the essence of the forest.

The ceramic items, on the other hand, are a harmonious blend of earth minerals, clay, and water. This magical combination not only represents the natural elements but also evokes a sense of closeness to the earth, bringing the essence of nature into the hands of those who embrace these creations.

Above all, my purpose is to spread happiness and uplift spirits with my tiny creations. I believe that art has the power to awaken the childlike wonder within us all. With each unique piece, I strive to bring out that inner joy, igniting a sense of playfulness and reminding you of the simple pleasures found in the natural world.

So come, explore collections and let the magic of nature infuse your life. 

With every purchase, you not only support responsible craftsmanship but also invite a touch of nature's enchantment into your life. 


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