Handmade art figurines and jewellery

Inspired by our woodlands flora, fauna and all the magnificent creatures that dwell within... Come, explore, and find the wonder that awaits you here!

Wooden necklaces

  • All creatures know when it is time to rest. In the serene winter landscape foxes gracefully curl up in soft snow, but the fairy foxes stay warm in their tiny walnut homes.

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  • Celebrating winter with a mini collection of arctic animals!
    Including a reindeer, arctic fox, lynx and of course a polar bear design!

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  • If you could own a pet dragon, how would it look like? A green dragon, covered in real gold spots perhaps?
    This tiny guardian of hidden treasures is a majestic ally in any epic quest!

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Walnut boxes

Keepers of treasure - Jewellery dishes

Wooden pins

Gift packaging

New gift packaging option now available!
As many of your purchases are marked as gifts, I wanted to offer this extra gift wrapping option, so your gifts will arrive in beautiful packaging and "ready for you to gift".

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